Dec 01

Me watching a ghost investigation show

  • Ghost Investigator: That miss, earlier told me in the attic it sounds as if furniture is moving around
  • Dude: I believe its birds
  • Me: Well first of all you idiot BIRDS CANT MOVE FURNITURE!
Nov 21

(Bored and mad up story) When i found you Chapter one

(Brittish girl Katie)

     Being a secret spy in london is amazing, i love it! No im kidding im not a spy, the closest i do to spying is stalking one direction basically. A lot of girls can relate to that am i right. Anyway, there is the hunk named John, he is adorable with is brown hair, and blue eyes, his muscles and his tallness. I need to get to know him, be his friend and we can go out. But he would think im weird

(Brittish boy john)

       So im walking down the street and spot this weird girl cheeking me out, i mean she is good looking but, i will be forever alone i mean a girl isnt gonna go out with a guy who loves one direction, well thats what i believe. I want to meet them, i even dress like the blond headed one Niall. But i have brown hair, sadness. Anyway, I read her blog and she loves one direction too, should i talk to her? I dont know. I will! “Hey!” I yelled to her. “Um, your john right?” “How do you know my name?!?” I grabbed my head and ran, she sounded like al stalker. I turned the corner and found niall in line at Nandos. “Hey, you niall horan from one direction! Oh my god oh my god!” “Are you okay sir. You seem to be a big fangirl, or boy.” “I love one direction” I made a weird face like….


Nov 21

CAHPTER 5 what happens after carlton prom Sorry its a LITTLE Late but what the heck!


     He started with making out. This is nice like i mean i am with the boy i love most but i dont think i am ready for this. I dont want this to end but i have respect for Melody i cant Have it With her SON! in her HOUSE. I got off the bed. “Whats wrong?”asked emmett. “I dont dont think i am ready and i cant do this in your Mom’s house.” i replied. “So We go to a hotel.” “Emmett!! i am not ready to lose my virginty you may have lost it but i want to keep mine!” Emmett rolled his eyes like losing your virginty wasnt a big deal. That whats makes me mad like ‘Its not a big to lose your virginty’ when it realy is!. “You dont love me do you?!?” asked emmett. “No idiot i love you so much i just dont want to lose a special thing.” i replied. Gosh it makes me mad when emmett does this. “So you rather keep your virginty than show me you love me?” I made a face like ‘HUH’ “WOW!Emmett WOW! you know what screw you i cant belive you right now.” I pulled on my pants and put on my shoes and went out of the room, out of the house, and into my car. I drove to my house. I had a lot of thoughts in my head. Hows come emmett was like that. Is he sex crazed? I wanted to go home. I just didnt want to do that tonight. Emmett should have been supposed to be supportive. 

       i arrived home, and ran to the garage. Maybe i should break up with emmett?

Nov 21

OneDirection story Chapter One

(Nialls Pov)

       So, im here at the 1D HQ (Head Quarters) and the boys went out to eat without me! Can you believe that?!? Well maybe they are just pulling some sick prank on me idont know? Anyways, im left with an empty refridgerator and no euros (Money used in europe), how am i supposed to live under these conditions?!? Well so i decided to take my guitar and go to the street and play for money, but then people would think ‘hes a star shouldnt he have enough money’ so im not going to do that. This is my worst nightmare! The boys finally got home and i waited by the front door. The first one to walk in was Zayn. “Where have you guys been? I am starving!” I asked Zayn, he replied “We went to go eat, sorry you were sleeping and we didnt want to disturb you.” “Well if it has to do with food please do!” I turned my back on them and went to the room i sleep in. I was sad, i was hungry. Liam walked in the room to apoligize. “We are sorry Niall we thouht we were gonna get back before you woke you, here come on i will let you order any pizza you want.” “REALLY!?!” “Yes.” “I Love You!” I grabbed the phone and orderd two large meat lovers pizza. The food got here in 30 minuets and the first thing i did when i oped the door was hug the pizza man and gave him a 10 euro tip. I Took both boxes of pizza and went and locked myself in my room. “YOU DONT KNOW YOUR BEAUTIFUL!” I sang to my pizza. “I think hes gone mad.” I over heard Harry. “Shut up Harry, i just love food!” I think i have gone mad. Oh well!

Nov 01

Imagine One Direction

Imagine…You were walking down the street and see niall at an ice cream cart. We turns around to find you and ask you “Do you believe in unicorns?” Trying not to go all fan girl you reply “No, Why?” “What about me!?” He sticks the ice cream cone to his head and starts prancing around. Your thinking what in the world to do but just stand there like “What the heck” “Do you believe in them now?!” You just casually walk off and act like notthing ever happend.

Nov 01

Funny and very good one direction pictures….

Oct 17
lol funny

lol funny

Oct 07

Stop Bullying

That kid you just called fat is now skipping meals, starving themselves just to make you happy. That girl you just called ugly, is now putting on makeup to feel beautiful. Not everybody needs to be like you. That boy you just called gay is not deciding to make a  permant decision. That 17 year old girl you saw walking with your son, you just called a whore was rapped when she was 15.  Dont Bully!

Reblog this if you hate bullying and want to stand against it!

Oct 06

Imagine!!!One Direction!!

Imagine being on date with niall at a burger resturant cause you guys wanted something fast and easy. He orders a Double bacon and cheese burger, fries and extra fries, a large milkshake with extra milkshake and a basket of chicken strips.You order a singal pattie bacon and cheese burger with fries, and a medium milk shake. Well you get your food and your eating it. He gets done with his all his food but the milkshake. While your just finishing everything and your last sip. Than he puts your straw in his milkshake and you guys share it.

Oct 06

Wanna help?

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